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One of our amazing sponsors just happens to be Gemvara.
What is Gemvara you ask?  Only a super fun customizable jewelry website!  And if you know me, I am a total sucker for jewelry.  It is my Christmas tradition to receive a piece of jewelry from my husband (this also applies to Mother's Day and the birth of a child).  Last year I got some beautiful pave-style diamond earrings.  I can't help but stare at them in the mirror every time I put them on.  They make me giddy!

Mine kinda look like these...
What makes Gemvara so fun, other than the fact that anything dealing with jewelry is just plain fun, is that you can "customize" your selections.  Let's just say that I am in the mood for a necklace featuring my son's birthstone and initial...
BAM!  Isn't this fun!  These cute initial necklaces come is pretty much any stone and any initial.  What a great idea for a Christmas gift for my mother-in-law.

And there is still so much more to see.  How about this ring (which closely resembles one that I own and love) set with black diamonds?  It is called the "Quintessence Ring."  I don't know about you but I love a simple, elegant ring.  This would look great on my right, or my left, hand.  Confession: I have four different rings that I wear as wedding rings.
Need more gift ideas?  They have a Top Ten Gift Ideas page just for you!   My favorite is the Rich and Thin Eternity Band.  Wouldn't it be fun in your birthstone?  Especially if diamonds are your birthstone, (wink wink).

Or you could strategically email this link to your husband (subtle hint) Really Romantic Gifts.  You know we have to spell it out for them!  This is my favorite... the Feel the Love Dog Tag.  It actually spells out (pun intended) the word "LOVE" in braille.  And, like every item on the site, you get to customize the gems.  I like black diamonds best.

Here are some more of my absolute favorites...

Citrine Racetrack Ring
Skeleton Key Pendant
Initial Pendant
Renaissance Band
Love Notes Necklace (actually opens to hold a personal note)

Now if that doesn't put you (and me) in the mood for Christmas shopping, I don't know what will!  HO, HO, HO.
Gemvara is a sponsor of A Little Great.  However, all the opinions stated in and the content of this post are expressly mine.

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