A Little Practicality... Useful Chirstmas Gifts

Here comes Santa Claus!  I don't know about you, but I really battle my practical side when it comes to Christmas shopping.  I want to get my kids awesome things they will love, but I don't want a basement full of worthless toys!  In fact, one more toy might just put me over the edge ;).

So here are a few gifts your kiddos will actually get some use out of (and they won't make you nuts).

Kids Backpacks
Your kids go to school, sleepovers at Grandma's, play dates, they can always use a backpack.  This one is cute.
Kid-sized Tables and Chairs
My kids have Lack Side Tables from IKEA in their rooms.  They sturdy and come in all sorts of colors and only cost $8.  I pair it with a couple $8 kid stools, also IKEA.  See it in my little boy's room.

A Journal
They can work on their handwriting and syntax while chronicling their lives.  Get one featuring a design to fit their personality.  My daughter loves horses.
Educational Toys
Of course, Christmas isn't all that practical.  Toys are inevitable.  But who says they can't be fun and educational?  Like these...
And these...
 Merry Christmas!


Dawn Wessman said...

Awesome ideas, Aly. Thanks!

Scarehaircare said...

FYI - best backpacks are from Land's End. For the first time ever I did not have to buy backpacks for the new school year because last year's were in great shape. My sister's kids have Lands End backpacks that have lasted for 5 years and are still in good condition.


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