A Little Challenge... Bath Tub Toys

Dear Readers,
I have a challenge for you!  I am challenging you to post a comment about your favorite bathtub toys.  Here is the reason it is a challenge:  traditional bathtub toys available at every baby store tend to have a little hole in it to squirt out water.  Fun right?  Yes... until the first time you don't empty the water out completely after the bath (and who can ever really do this, and who has time to do it when you are getting your kids into bed?) and the next time your kid squirts the toy, out comes black mold!  It is just plain gross.
 (Don't even get me started on the BIG "holder" bathtoys like the large "mama" duck in the picture above - you can NEVER get the water out of those, and they are veritable mold petri dishes!)

So tell me your favorite NON MOLD PRODCUING bathtime toys.

I have tried some hard plastic toys, but they tend to have paint come off in the bath, or they too have TINY holes that let in water and cause the same problem.  My sister got the coolest set of sting rays from Sea World or someplace similar.  Her kids play with them at the pool.  They are soft and bendable, don't lose their paint, and have no openings for mold to grow.  Every time I go to a museum or aquarium, I peruse their cool toys (like sting rays, sharks, fish, whales, etc.) hoping to find a set of toys that would be bathtub friendly without the holes/mold!  I am continually unsuccessful!  Curses!

Here is what I have found so far...
1. These "Boon" Bath Toys

My kids love cathing the buggy looking toys the their nets in the bath.  No holes or openings for mold.  Hooray!

2.  Foam Letters
These don't get moldy, and they stick to the side of the bathtub when wet, so they are also a good learning tool.

3.  Bathtub Crayons

These are good, non-moldy bathtime fun... but can break rather easily if you have overexuberant children like I do, and they create more clean up time later, if you don't want your bathtub looking like a graffiti station.

OK so help me.  What are your favorite non-moldy bathtime toys?
I am waiting!!!! Thanks.


Shelley said...

My kids love this foam road and cars set (I think it might be Alex?) When the pieces are wet they stick to the tile so the kids can build roads and drive the cars on them. They store in a mesh bag--no standing water!

ChelMo said...

The DANO Ducki!! Super cute, well-floating rubber ducky that opens up at the bottom for cleaning and to let water out. It can be washed in the dishwasher, too.

Even better, they're made in the USA out of really safe material so that my 6-month-old can chew the heck out of it without me having a panic attack.

Jilly said...

I have the same problem, and haven't really looked for toys that won't let water in, however, once a month after I have cleaned the bathroom, I fill the tub with straight hot water, and a cup or so of bleach, and then dump all the toys in, the ones with holes that let water in, I squirt out, and fill with bleach water, give it a shake, and let them all sit for a couple of takes care of the mold, and I feel like all the toys are clean, not just the water filled ones.

Anonymous said...

I let my kids play with those big legos, you know the ones, I think they are called Mega Blocks. they have fun building and they don't collect water.

corinne said...

these were all very helpful comments, thank you so much! i already have the alex car/road set in my amazon account, and i am going to buy the dano duck with my next baby... and we already have mega blocks - never thought of them for the bath. i also like the idea of the monthly bleach and clean - always a good idea whether they keep water in them or not. perfect suggestions, thank you all!!!


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