A Little Fitness...My Favorite 10-Minute Workout

A little something is better than a big nothing. Repeat this to yourself five times.

With the holidays, and new year's resolutions, sometimes we don't even have twenty minutes to hop in and out of the gym. Maybe we overbooked ourselves, wasted time on FB or just put off our workout. Are you doomed to another day of no exercise?

Absolutely not.

Here is a quick routine that will get your blood flowing, your mind on track and give you the kick in the pants you need to get moving.

In ANY clothes- your dress, your robe, your jeans, whatever:

1. Do your age in push ups.
2. Do your age in squats, traditional and wide stance.
3. Do your age in jumping jacks.
4. Do your age in lunges.
5. Do your age in sit ups.

Just to it.

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