A Little Decorating....Framed Fabric

Nate Berkus totally copied me!!! I am absolutely positive we telepathically linked somehow, despite the distance between NY and Utah, and he sucked my design idea out of my head and featured it on his show yesterday. Don't worry Nate, I will forgive you this one time as long as you give a shout out to your homegirl in SLC next time you steal my idea! So here it is...framed fabric.

Every time I go into a fabric store I end up finding a piece of fabric I love. However, I never buy it because I know I will never get around to making something with it. The other day I found this darling fabric that I thought would be perfect for my playroom (perhaps a cute pillow, maybe some drapes). Just as I was putting the fabric back, while lamenting my lack of time and lack of sewing skills, I had an epiphany. Put it in a frame and hang it on the wall. That way I can still enjoy the beautiful fabric with no sewing required. A very complex idea indeed. There is no way anyone else has ever thought of this idea also, Nate Berkus included. (insert sarcasm here)


ABrooks said...

darling fabric and darling playroom!

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

Such a simple idea, yet pure genius! I really think I need to do this to fill up some empty space on our walls.


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