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Simple Card
is a great site that completely simplifies your Christmas Card creation while still giving you tons of options. If you are new to online card-making this site is perfect for you. Or, maybe you like to design your own cards (like me), this site is perfect for you too!

The site is super easy to navigate and choose your favorite design. The layout is clean and simple and full of card options for not only your holiday cards, but card designs throughout the year. They are offered in multiple sizes and either a postcard style or a folded card so that you can write on the inside, depending on what you prefer.

There are a few different types of cards provided so you are free to pick whichever design works best for you.

The first is a 'design-your-own' card. This is the type that I choose since I love to design my own cards. I used some brushes in Photoshop and created a simple holiday thank you card (maybe having these will force me to send thank you cards this year!) After looking up the size and quality requirements of the card on the website (so easy to find... located on the design page of the card at the top) I saved my card and had it uploaded and ready to order in minutes. This was honestly the easiest process I've experienced ordering custom cards online.

I love the way my cards turned out. I got the postcard version and will be writing on the back of the cards with my note of thanks. The postcards are very high quality and printed on a nice thick stock. They are glossy on both sides, so if you would like to write on the back of the postcards like me I recommend getting a pen or marker that writes well on glossy surfaces (the Slick Writer by American Crafts is perfect for this and you can find it at most craft stores.)

Another type of card they provide is one which you drop in a photo in a template. Some families (like mine!) love to include photos in their Christmas cards and this is a great way to incorporate a favorite photo of your family. You choose the design, upload the photo, and that's it! You can also customize the card's text with your family name using a variety of fonts.

They also provide pre-designed cards which are also customizable with your own greeting and name in the font you choose.

Last is a pre-designed card which is completely designed for you and all you have to do is pick your favorite. The majority of these are located in their archive of images to add to your card. Choose the first design as though you were going to upload your own photo and then choose the option to pick an image from the gallery. These range from beautiful and elegant to modern and fun.

They also provide some really great humor cards that I love. This Spiked Eggnog card is definitely my favorite. :)

Simple Card also provides options to order envelopes ($1.50 for 25) as well as a gift box to hold the cards and envelopes (also $1.50). These rates are very reasonable and definitely worth the little extra if you don't have envelopes on hand. The gift box would be perfect to be able to print a set of cards and give them to a friend as a gift.

I would definitely recommend Simple Card to anyone who wants an easy to print and send their holiday cards this year. It's really easy and won't take you long to receive a great set of cards in the mail to send to your loved ones! They will even print and send your cards for you so you can skip that step! Imagine how easy that would be!

Disclosure: I was provided 25 free postcards free of charge in exchange for my review. The opinions represented in this post are purely mine and based on my experience ordering from this company.
I have not otherwise been compensated for this post.

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