A Little Cleaning and a Little

I have only made my husband cry twice. And one of those times was when I scrubbed my kitchen sink until it shined (despite the ugly yellow finish) and told him about

This site was a total revelation for me. Some of her motivational ideas like "there is nothing wrong with cheater house cleaning- it's okay to vacuum just the middles of the floors" and a "Just jump in! You're not behind!" mentally set me free. I feel little guilt now as I care for my home and yet I get double the amount of work done.

Flylady means "Finally Loving Yourself." This was news to me- how going easier on myself and establishing EASY routines could help me have a cleaner home. I needed this big time and it has changed how I see cleaning- and the fact that I do it now!

The scope of is pretty incredible. There are daily goals, challenges and updates all emailed to you. She walks you through how to clean each part of your home. She has archives of articles for single mothers, large families, empty nesters, etc. The Flyshop boasts some really cool cleaning toys and planning/organizational tools. I loved her book "Sidetracked Home Executives" and use timers now.

I wish you could not only see the inside of my home now but the inside of my heart and head. I feel at peace. I don't feel nagging guilt or embarrassment about my home. I enjoy some big inner freedom due to de-junking. I am having fun having time to do what I actually want to because I don't have to spend my greatest energies now on cleaning. I'm FLYing! (Finally loving myself!)

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Anonymous said...

This post almost made me cry... i must try this! thanks!


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