A Little Idea... Five Ways To Bring Your Vacation Home with You

Don’t you love the feeling of being on vacation?  I do.  I come home and think, “I wish I could always be on vacation!” 
Oh, work.  And oh yeah, school…lame!
Since we can’t always be on vacation, here are some ways I like to bring the care-free feeling of it into my ‘every-day-life’ back at home:
1.  Pick up a recipe or two from your favorite destinations.  When you come home, make them every once in a while.  Close your eyes and BOOM!  You’re back in Costa Rica, swinging through the cloud forest, eating Gallo Pinto and Pineapple Papaya Marmalade, or maybe that’s just me…

2.  Loosen up!  Vacation is all about chilling out, not stressing.  Try to do that more at home:  don’t over-schedule your kids or yourself.  Let the kids stay up late sometimes, let them have more than one Popsicle, go take a nap!
3.  Print off some pictures of your trip and put them in frames in your house.  That way you can see them every day and remember the awesome time you had.
4.  Listen to music that reminds you of your trip.  Before we met, my husband went on a huge cross-country “summer sales” road trip with several of his buddies.  All they had were each other and the car radio.  To this day, when he hears Jessica Simpson’s I Think I’m In Love with You, he gets the goofiest smile.  And maybe it makes him so happy he downloaded it on itunes...don't tell him I told you!
5.  Find fun things to do where you live, don’t just save up all your fun for trips.  Take your kids to museums, aquariums, on picnics, etc. the same way you would on vacation.  Start researching and you might be surprised to find a gem of a place you never knew about!

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