A Little Cuisine - How I got my kids to try kale (aka Dijon Chicken Stew with Potatoes and Kale)

Chicken Stew.

The concept seemed relatively safe for a recipe to try on my family. But chicken stew with kale? Would they try kale?

I showed my kids the recipe in 2006 when my Cooking Light issue came in the mail. Leafy green veggies are not popular at this house. But they were willing to try. We shopped for the ingredients together. We chopped the ingredients together. I subbed Yukon potatoes and used only chicken breasts because that is what I already had on hand. Left out the wine in favor of more chicken broth. The kids banged away at the food chopper to mince the garlic. I showed them how to swirl the slices of leek in a big bowl of cold water to make sure all the sand was out. Firstborn taught Secondborn how to use measuring cups and spoons. Everyone tore the ribs off the kale and tore up the leaves.

The kids were in the kitchen with me from beginning to end. We talked about our individual days, what books were currently being read, and plans for the weekend. The Love Magnet set the table with the help of Thirdborn. The only person who had to be called to the table was Mr. Wonderful.

My kids ate kale. That bears repeating from the rooftops: MY KIDS ATE KALE! Being involved for the entire process of putting a meal together gave them a sense of being investors in the meal. Everyone pointed out their contributions to Mr. Wonderful : "Dad, I added the spices.", "I cooked on the stove!", "I tore up the kale, that's a new vegetable.", "Hey, I tore up the kale, too!".

They liked the Dijon Chicken Stew with Potatoes and Kale enough to ask for it to be put on regular rotation at our house. Click on the link and let me introduce you to a regular comfort-food recipe made at my house in the fall.

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