A Little Music...A Little Plea

Well ladies, sorry for the loooong break from music suggestions. It's certainly not because I didn't have any, turns out 2010 was one of my favorite years ever for new music.

So I have a few fun tunes for you to start 2011 right.

"If a Song Could Get Me You"-Marit Larsen
What is it with these Scandinavian countries and their super talented musicians?? Cute voice, great melody, adorable lyrics. I sometimes wish a song "could get me you" too. I get a tiny Dolly Parton vibe out of her voice which makes me so very happy.

"Soldier"-Ingrid Michaelson
2010 was a year of falling in love, breaking up and trying again. I have been using this one as a theme for 2011-the battle of the heart isn't easily won, but it can be. I sure love Ingrid Michaelson.

"Starting"-Matt Pond PA
I can't think of a single Matt Pond PA song I don't like. They write warm, comfortable music that isn't trite or cliched. I missed this album completely until a good friend put it on her year's best and now I'm hooked.

I have some great stuff on tap for this year. Some of my favorite artists are releasing albums soon-so stay tuned!

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