A Little Romance... The 14 Days of Valentines

20 years ago, while engaged to Mr. Wonderful, I decided to do something completely romantic: I made up the 14 Days of Valentines. Each day, I did something original and inexpensive (we were poor college students) and really put effort into letting him know how much I loved him.

10 years after we were married, I was decluttering drawers and found in his side table drawer every single poem, valentine, and love note I made him for the 14 Days of Valentines when we were engaged. My first thought was "how sweet that he saved all this!" I began to wonder why I didn't continue the tradition. My man needs to feel loved and appreciated. So I started up again. You can do this, too. Heads up on the few rules:
1. Think small, inexpensive, or free. Originality and creativity are more prized than extravagance.

2. This is not to guilt your man into buying you jewelry or flowers. This is completely selfless.

3. Try to be sneaky about this.

4. On Valentines Day, end it with a romantic dinner at home. Yes, at home. Put the kids to bed early, light candles, and have the ultimate quiet meal with your love. If you don't cook, don't worry. Take out is fine. Costco has great meal items, order a fancy schmancy dessert to share from a bakery, or just get takeout from your fave place and take it home. Or head to a romantic place and eat in your heated car. Make out after, in your heated car. When was the last time you did that?

Fun ideas I've done in previous years:

Day 3 is always two movie tix and a box of our fave movie treat.

Day 5 is always "4 cute kids and one cute wife". On year I snapped pics and blew them up into 8x10 black and white prints which I put on his mirror along with the title written in red lipstick. He laughed out loud when he saw it that morning and left it up for weeks, lipstick and all. This year I'm making a collage print at Costco and sneaking into his office to put it up the night before.

Day 10 is always "Ten Things I Love About You". That list is written in calligraphy, rolled into a scroll, tied in a big ribbon, and left on his pillow to find when he gets home.

Day 13 is always "Thirteen ways to say I Love You". I've post-it-noted his truck, stuck hearts on his briefcase, and written in dry-erase marker on his mirror. I've said I Love You in French, Italian, Swahili, Navajo, Klingon, and Vulcan (those last two were a riot). Each year I try to find different languages I haven't used yet.

Other ideas, writing sonnets that he has to read out loud, cheesy poetry, candy bar posters, homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast (the kids loved sharing that one). Iron a shirt for them, write a letter of appreciation, send them a pizza at work with a pepperoni heart........be unique.

Smother that man in sweet love! For more ideas, head to my blog Scarehaircare, scroll down the right side to the links and look for 14 Days of Valentines to see what I (and friends) have done in previous years.

PS. If you do this, post your ideas. I might want to adopt one or two of them for next year.

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