A Little Parenting... Teachers Loving Your Child

The last few weeks have been difficult. Every time I drop my little one off at school I just want to scream, "Love my daughter!" When I pick her up from school she is the first one out the door. One hand on the door knob, one hand on the jamb, she jumps up and down when she sees me. I swoop in and pick her up and I get a big hug. She leans back and looks at me with a "don't ever leave me again" look. (It's amazing how expressive a non-verbal child can be.) And I know she feels loved again.

At her last school I knew her teachers loved her and she loved them back. Since the move, we are more limited in our resources and our choice of schools has narrowed to one. I want to explain to her teachers that they have to be honest with her because she will know how they feel. I want them to see her abilities instead of dwelling on her inabilities; to see her dynamic personality and strength not the fact that she gets tired when she walks for too long. I want them to realize that the same determination that makes her fall on the floor when she doesn't want to do something can be directed towards learning and working.

Before the move we discovered that she can identify her entire uppercase alphabet. We were talking about lowercase alphabet and sight words, the prospect of beginning to learn to read was looming ahead. Now I feel I am just trying to make sure they don't leave her in her wheelchair all day.
I know my feelings aren't any different than any parents, because I feel the same way about my other kids. I think the difference with her is that she is easier to ignore. This move has been most difficult for that reason. Each day, for all my kids, I want to take them to school in the morning knowing that they will learn from someone who cares about children and not just a quota. I want their teachers to be happy when they do well and excited to see their smiles. I used to feel that, I hope I will again. Until then I will silently plead as I drop them off for school, "love my child."


Scarehaircare said...

I'm feeling for you, Somer. I'm struggling with the school keeping my daughter too long in Extended Resource and not sending her to her mainstream classroom because they don't have enough paras. Or, they park her in front of a computer and let her be alone for far too long. Our kids are social kids. They need interaction. I'm frustrated beyond belief this year.

Mikellcs said...

As a future teacher, this is my #1 goal! All kids need love to thrive!

merium said...

Oh, this breaks my heart..I hope their eyes will be opened to her wonderfulness soon..

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I believe in Maisy...she'll use this experience to her benefit and so will you!


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