A Little Great Outdoors

by K Wrede

Aren't birds a great invention?

Since the arrival of spring, I have really noticed how differently things sound outside. I think this is partly to do with the fact that I live in a different state, surrounded by more trees than I did last spring, but also because winter always seems too long and too silent!

But back to the invention idea. If you could think of one way to help make mornings more cheerful (that didn't involve Starbucks), would it not be to have songs being sung outside your window? :) Granted, birds do tend to get up a little earlier than most humans, but the very idea of a high-pitched chorus outside our windows everyday is really ingenious.

May I share two recent experiences I've had with early morning serenades?

The first experience happened pre-spring, but the bird theme is evident. I was on a short run in my neighborhood which, at the time, was covered in snow when out of nowhere a bright, red spot in the sky caught my eye. The red spot came closer to me and as it did I noticed a cardinal in flight. Imagine: a world of white interrupted only by a splash of red in the air. It was magnificently beautiful and in that moment of solitude I fell in love (again) with nature's color scheme.

Another experience happened just this morning when I finally discovered the source of one of my favorite morning musicals. Each morning I hear the most beautiful song and often open the windows to get a better listen. Until this morning I haven't been able to identify the singer, but just as I walking away from my home I heard the familiar song, looked up into a tall evergreen, and there, as red as you please, was a cardinal wishing me well.

There is some sort of therapy (IMHO) that accompanies the outdoors, and one of the many sources of that are birds.

Please join me in welcoming spring!

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Dawn said...

This post really has made me mindful of what I'm seeing around me today. Thanks, Katie!


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