A Little Television... Friday Night Lights

Why you should read this post:
1.  I don't like TV very much
2.  I don't like football very much
3.  I don't know that I like Texas that much (only because it is sometimes hard for me to find something vegetarian to eat!!! My sister lives there and I love many things about Texas but it doesn't mesh with my eating style!)
4.  I want you to watch a TV show about a high school football coach, his wife, and family in a small town in Texas.  
I ADORE THIS SHOW.  It has made me cry more times than I care to admit.  The fact that I am writing a blog post about it should let you know how highly I esteem watching this show, and endorse it as a way to spend your precious down time.  It is worth it.

I know of few shows that focus on POSITIVE HUMAN RELATIONSHIPS (the football seems to be more of a sidenote!)  Many shows rake in viewers due to the the draw of being a voyeur and a desire to judge others (fictional characters included).  Friday Night Lights is refreshingly different in that it is centered around Coach Eric and Tami Taylor - and their relationship is functional, healthy, and interesting.  They are trying to raise their family with dignity and contribute to their community in faith.   It is inspiring!  It hits home!  It is excellently written and acted!
My sister-in-law is very conscientious (wonderfully so) about what she allows her teenagers to be exposed to in the media, and their family watches this show all together.  Another wholehearted endorsement.
One little historical tidbit about the show... the show was almost cancelled midway through the 2nd season (the 2nd season ends really abruptly and the 3rd season begins after having skipped a chunk of storyline).  The fans rallied to get it put back on the air and we now have 5 beautiful seasons.  The fans rallied for a reason - this show is fantastic!
One of our contributors, Katie, on "A Little Great," turned me on to this show.  She has a blog where she has written some really wonderful things about it, and I am reposting one of her "nail on the head" explanations for why you should WATCH IT ALREADY.  Start with Season 1, of course.  No skipping around.
Nabbed (and slightly edited) from Katie's blog:

It's Not About Football!

I have always believed that what makes this show so special-in addition to the powerful acting and the good writing and the great location and the music-is that the core of the show is just people trying to live good lives and take care of each other. The storylines treated teenagers like three dimensional people not snotty sterotypes, faith was treated like a normal part of life but there wasn't exessive attention called to it, the Taylors made marriage look awesome, and that funny little town in Texas somehow managed to feel much seemed like every other city or town in America. 

If you are already a fan of FNL, comment and share the love.  If you aren't a fan yet, let us know when you become one.
Texas Forever!
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts.

Much love.

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ABrooks said...

I am a huge fan! I started watching on net flicks and I watched three seasons worth of shows in a week. My only regret was that there wasn't more to watch. I am in love with coach taylor. Love love love. Couldn't recommend more highly!!!


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