A Little Easter Lunch Menu

Easter food traditions? Yeah, I got 'em, too. Surprisingly, none of them are from my family or Mr. Wonderful's. Not even traditional recipes. Just the same food ideas that are prepared differently every year according to my whims. This time I found one magazine article that made me think "aha, this is the menu". Southern Living Magazine won the entire spread (except for dessert, which will be explained later.) As usual, photos are from their respective websites.

Start with the usual deviled eggs and add to the menu......

Cat Cora's Feta Spread (Htipiti) as featured in Southern Living. I love to have olives and something on hand for nibbles when guests come. I'm excited to try this. Another recipe in the same article was pefect for the usual main dish...

Roast Leg of Lamb. It is the only time of year I make something like this. I'm looking forward to trying Cat's recipe. She hasn't steered me wrong so far. If you can't find lamb in your area, she suggests a Boston Pork Butt.

Lemon Roasted Potatoes. It also got an outstanding review by home cooks on Southern Living's website. Don't they look gorgeous?

Oregano Green Beans. Olive oil, garlic, parsley, lemon, and feta. Yes, please!

Pavlova with Lemon Curd and Fresh Berries from Pavlova is a traditional dessert for Easter in my house - a nod to Mr. Wonderful's New Zealand heritage (It is the national dessert of New Zealand). I make individual pavlovas, with a depression molded in the middle to hold the lemon curd and berries. Nice, light, and refreshing. Easy for entertaining because the merengues and the lemon curd can be made ahead.

Happy Easter!

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corinne said...

looks delicious as usual, carrie! thanks!


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