A Little...Family Time

by K Wrede

A few weeks ago, I was somewhat compelled to take an inventory of my priorities, and was disheartened to learn my current use of time was not in line with some of my long term goals. I realized that I spent quite a significant amount of time each week alone, yet am married with two (beautiful and perfect :) ) children.

Around the same time, my husband was also in place where he saw a need for more family cohesion. He and I have since made a concerted effort to be together more, and though it has only been a few weeks thus far, we have noticed a real difference in our family dynamics. We have more harmony, more camaraderie, and more . . . general happiness. Personally, I feel more of a draw to be with my husband and kids verses staying late at work and/or going to the gym. Though exercise is very important to me, I have decided that with the amount of money I spend on a gym membership, I will instead by my own set of weights and have the family join my workout!

Now, don't get me wrong, I am neither saying that what we've done is for everyone (we're all at different places in our lives and have different needs), nor am I saying that my life is now void of challenges. What I am saying is that spending more time together as a family, including just the mere desire to do so, has brought my priorities back in line with what I want out of life and has increased my family's general well-being.

You know what they say: "Family, isn't it about . . . time?" :)

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