A Little...Evolution

I am so excited about the sun rising earlier and earlier each day as we make our way toward summer. Summer is the best!

And this morning I was thinking just that when another idea entered my mind. As much as I love summer (no school, warm weather, swimming, vacations, etc.), I find more satisfaction during the fall and spring. Perhaps you feel similarly.

As I started pondering why that was, I concluded it was because during fall and spring everything outside is changing. In the fall we see brilliant oranges, reds and yellows, while in the spring we see pinks, lavenders, and greens. There is so much beauty in the seasonal changes, and I believe therein lies a parallel to life.

Aren't we all evolving into something? Don't most (dare I say all?) of us hope to become something better than we are? Do we not hope to reach dreams and potentials yet unknown? And while there is great fulfillment in reaching our fondest desires, I believe there is also satisfaction, and even beauty, in the evolution of it all.

In change we are beautiful because we are seeking to discover what the Universe has in store for us. We are trying to ascertain what sort of strength and character we have within us. The many unnecessary and even unhealthy "leaves" of our character may die and fall to the ground, but in the process they are brilliantly green, then red . . . then discarded--just at the right time. Right when we are becoming better; evolving into the people we want to be.

I welcome the coming summer, and do so without ignoring the (necessary and beautiful) process of getting there.

by K Wrede

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Elizabeth said...

So well written and so very true!


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