A Little Treat...Homemade Popsicles

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Summer, how I love you! Hot weather means cool treats! There is something so satisfying about making popsicles from scratch. Not only are they inexpensive – made from pretty much anything you can freeze into a popsicle, but they can be a healthy alternative to some of the more sugar-filled choices at the store. Here are a couple of healthy, delicious posicle recipes. Please post your favorites in the comments.

And, don’t you just love this cute “shooting star” mold from Amazon? I do!

Grapple Popsicles - Mix together 3 C applesauce with 1 C grape juice & freeze!

Layered Juicy Pops – Pour a favorite juice into 1/3 of the mold, put in freezer until just firm (about 30 minutes) then pour another fruit juice and let freeze, rinse repeat (make sure to put your stick in after your last layer)!

Melon Pops – Puree watermelon (good for those going a little mushy) mixed with white grape juice.

Green Popsicle – Combine 1 ripe banana, 2 C strawberries, 1 C almond milk, loose handful of baby spinach in blender. Freeze! You can’t even taste the spinach!

Jelly Juice Popsicle- When the jelly jar is running low, fill it 1/4 full of very hot water and swish around. Pour jelly water into popsicle mold.

Yogurt Popsicle- When yogurt begins to get a bit runny, pour into a greased mold (Pam spray before).

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