A Little Laundry...Beating the Sock Vortex

The sock vortex.
The sock monster.
The dog.

Whomever you blame it on, socks disappear for no reason! Where do they get lost from the dryer to the drawers? Your guess is as good as mine. In our home, six people times six pairs of socks equals 72 separate socks that are mismatched, missing and wasted. But no more!

Answer: The little mesh bag. Never lose a sock again! Ever!

Each family member gets a mesh wash bag (also known as a lingerie bag). Have each person put their dirty socks daily their in the bag. Wash the socks in their bag. Dry the socks in their bag. Return the bag to have them sort, fold and put in away directly to the their sock drawer.

Done! Sock peace and no more wasted $$$.
***Idea from a participant at the Workshop.

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