A Little Reading...If You Loved Harry Potter

Here are some books we've read lately on the recommendation of our high school librarian. If you loved Harry Potter, then you might like:

The Magic Thief. A three tome work about grade 4-40 level. This means that although great for child at or above a fourth grade level, adults will find it compelling. The story is about Conn, a young street urchin/pick pocket who unwittingly pickpockets a wizard. He gets much more than he bargained for! Akin to A Little Princess, Sarah Prineas masterfully creates a character that is true to life, endearing, but not hokey. My seven year old (and I) loved this.

100 Cupboards. Two works in the series completed; grade 5 and above level. A young Henry, whose parents have been kidnapped, is sent to Kansas to live with an uncle. In his attic bedroom he uncovers 100 magic cupboards; where do they lead? Where did they come from? N.D. Wilson's descriptions of Kansas, a landscape that reflects Henry's lonely struggle are masterfully woven with the adventures through the cupboards that follow around and in Henry.

The Roar. A little more gritty and akin to The Hunger Games, The Roar is a Jr. High and above level book. Mika is young boy on an Earth that has been destroyed by an animal plague; in the process his sister has been kidnapped and is presumed dead. Mika must harness is new internal powers to fight the government that is enslaving the world through control of its children. A page-turner from page one like The Host or Ender's Game.

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