A Little Idea... for your Marriage

by Aly

News Flash: every couple argues.  In college I had learned about the "magic" 5:1 ratio (I studied Marriage and Family Therapy).  This means that there has to be five positive interactions to every one negative for a successful, happy marriage.  It's like an emotional savings account or a "reservoir of positive feeling." 
Recently I was watching some random, low-budget talk show on PBS.  The guest was a Marriage Therapist.  I had an "Ah-ha Moment" (Oprah and me).  The therapist said: every married couple has an average of nine issues that will never get resolved.  The key is not to dwell on these issues but to add positives.  "Oh... I see," (me thinking).
This isn't to say that major issues shouldn't be addressed.  However, maybe we shouldn't dwell so much on those just-kind-of-annoying issues.  You can still complain to your girlfriends, there just has to be a lot more good stuff in your marriage.  Have you said five nice things to your husband today?
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