A Little Crafty... Valentine's Wreath

by Aly

This is a special edition of "A Little Crafty."  Somer is, of course, the undisputed champion of craftiness.  I try.  I saw this wreath on it looked easy enough so I thought I'd try.  I made it and you totally can too!

I didn't 'love' some of the directions.  Here are a few things I learned:
  • Don't use dental floss.  Use fishing line.  It is way stronger and easier to work with.  I tried dental floss and it split and broke.  The fishing line worked much better.
  • I trimmed the burlap after gluing it to the coat hanger.  I am not the greatest at sewing straight so I cut the burlap a little wide and didn't stress too much about it.
  • I didn't see how I could hang a heart-shaped wreath straight.  So I made a little loop with ribbon and used that to hang it on my wreath hook
Happy Crafting!


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