A Little Crafty... No Sew Scarf

by Somer
Do you know someone who has to wear suits a lot? Maybe everyday? Why not make that someone a no-sew scarf that suits them? Wool is on sale at most fabric stores and since it only takes 1/4 yard, even better. With most wool being 50% your scarf will end up costing less than $5.

Make sure that when you have your 1/4 yard cut you explain to them that you will be fraying the edge and it needs to be cut on the grain or you will need to buy more fabric. To cut the long edge of the scarf, pull on a string of the fabric to find the straight weft of the fabric. Cut along the straight grain. (If they already cut a straight edge at the fabric store, then you're good.) Then along the short edge, cut off the selvage.

Now just start pulling on strings to fray the edges. You can use a pin to help you catch the thread and pull it out. I fray more on the short edges and less along the long edge.

And you're done. A scarf suitable for a suit.


Erin said...

Love it Somer. You are full of great ideas.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I'll need to make one of these for my hubby!

thegeralds said...

I love it! This would be a fun YW activity.

Somer said...

That's a great idea Pam. I think Dads are always hard to make presents for.


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