A Little Style... Style and Savings

By Aly
No doubt you have noticed that the economy is down and money is a little tight these days. Below are three important questions to ask yourself when deciding to purchase an item.

1. Do I LOVE it? How many times have you bought something quickly, only to decide later that the neckline isn’t right or the sleeves are too short? Make sure that you LOVE it in the store. A good way to decide is to walk away, maybe even into another store, and come back a little later and reassess.
2. Do I need it? Is it really true that a girl can never have too many jeans? By the looks of my closet, it is, but in the reality of this recession, it’s not. We have to pick and choose carefully these days.
3. Will it last? Is it quality? It is going to be out of style next season? It is best to invest in certain pieces that will last and then update those basics with more trendy items that won’t break the bank, like a scarf, chunky necklace, or some fun colorful flats.

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Tami H. said...

4) Is it under $10 on clearance at TJ Maxx?


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