A Little Organization... Laundry

By Candace

Laundry is something you can quickly drown in if you aren’t careful and stay on top of it. I’ve tried doing my laundry once a week but I get too overwhelmed and just give up. Two days a week works best for me. Not just any two days it’s every TUESDAY and FRIDAY. On those mornings I empty all the hampers and start the wash. I generally throw a load in, leave and run some errands, come home through another load in, eat lunch etc. I don’t just sit at home these days in front of my washer and dryer. After all of loads are done I generally stick the hampers of clean clothes in the family room in front of the TV (since this is where I usually am at 9 p.m.). If the laundry is staring me in the face I’m going to fold it just so I don’t have to look at it anymore! I fold and watch my TV programs! I’m never overwhelmed with laundry if I stick to my days. Now coming home from a vacation is a whole new post!


Hall of Fame said...

vacation laundry is the worst! Two days a week is doable, cute post.

Anonymous said...

I think this post gave me back my sanity!! I have tried doing the laundry all in one day (like my mom use to do) and it was never all done that day. So I tried the 'Fly Lady' idea of doing a load a day (for the last two years I have had to do laundry everyday!) this did not make me happy and I never felt DONE. So for the last two weeks I've actually been DONE with the laundry twice a week. Thanks I'm in heaven. -Amy Steele


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