A Little Cleaning... For Spring

I live in Idaho and even though the weather outside is still resembling winter it is spring.  Which means SPRING CLEANING!
I've created my own to do list and the cleaning better start soon or I will have to change the title to summer cleaning:
Photo: marthastewart.com
*Dust shutters
*Wash inside  and out of windows and window sills
*Wipe down baseboards and walls
*Organize closets: out with winter clothes in with spring and summer
*Remove all flannel sheets and flip mattresses
*Dust all light fixtures
*Get carpets cleaned
*Replace batteries in all smoke detectors

*Sweep & pressure wash garages
*Organize garage-put away snow shovels and slow blower.  Break out the lawn mower.
*Sweep and pressure wash patio and front porch
*Clean out window wells

For a more complete check list for spring cleaning see here.

Happy Cleaning!

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Kick-It Marketing said...

Do you have any good tips for really getting my wood blinds clean? Oh and how do you get your 2nd story windows clean? I guess a tall ladder so I can remove the screens too. Oh what a horrible job.


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