A Little Unattached... Wedding Day by Rosie Thomas

My best friend got married this weekend. It was a lovely wedding and since the bride is the best person in all of the world at keeping in touch, it turned into a giant Southern Utah University reunion. My dear one looked stunning and happy and it put back everything a few long, crazy years have taken out of me. Still. I'm the last of our college girlfriends to get married and we are now deep in our early thirties. Weddings are at once a joyous occasion where I'm delighted to see someone I adore so in love and exhausting as I dance that line of "my life is totally good and fulfilling and blessed so don't feel sorry for me but yes, I want this too someday and I'm a little worried about it."
 So as usual, music is the thing that lets me deal with the weird emotions a thirty three year old single girl feels at her best friend's wedding. A few years ago my one of my favorite couples sent me a CD in the mail with a note saying they had just seen an artist that just sounded like me. Her name was Rosie Thomas and the cover art was sweet and feminine. After one listen I was both delighted and flattered that such a lovely CD would remind them of me. She became a favorite and it's her song "Wedding Day" that I listened to on full blast repeat on my drive home from the airport last night. Falling asleep in my cute apartment, in my big comfy bed, with the windows open to a deliciously spring feeling night, my own life is exactly the one I want.


ABrooks said...

I LOVING all her songs. What a beautiful voice!

Jamie said...

I love, love, love Rosie Thomas. I've been stalking the photos from the wedding on FB - looks like a good time was had ball all. Everyone looks so beautiful, what a happy reason for a reunion.


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