A Little Style... One Outfit... Better Price!

Candace sent me an email asking me to find her this look for less.
All together, this outfit costs: $1,278 ($416 for the jacket alone!)

Thanks for asking me to shop for you Candace!  I love when other people buy cute stuff almost as much as I love buying it myself.  Besides, I really needed something to do while pretending to watch March Madness!
So here it is...

Merona® Short Trench Coat - Orange $31.49

Linen Woven Shirt $24.80
Easy straight destructed jeans (medium wash) $69.50
I am actually loving the fit of Gap jeans these days... these look super cute!  Oh, and it's Friends and Family this weekend... 30% off!

Classified Layers Necklace $10.80

Grand total of THIS outfit: $209.49
Something you have your eye on?  Comment... or email and you might have yourself a personal (discount) shopper!


Candace said...

WAY TO GO ALY!!! I love the Ralph Lauren shoes.

ABrooks said...

Thanks Laudie! I hope to see you wearing it one of these days!


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