A Little Fitness... I Ran the RedRock!

So, I was just blog-surfing and came across Eat, Blog, Run.  It's a fun blog that chronicles the training of 12 women as they anticipate running in a 200 mile, 12 person relay.  I love that they are inspiring women to get involved in sport!  I have mentioned before that I am a triathlon race director and a triathlete myself.  I also dabble in the occasional running race.  Although, I must admit that I only run so that I can swim (fave) and ride my bike.
(that's me in the middle)
Last September I joined with 11 other ladies in running the Red Rock Relay in Southern Utah.  We began at the Brian Head Resort in Cedar City and ended in Santa Clara.  180 miles and 24 straight hours in a van with five other sweaty girls... good times.
Here is Angie and me with the "Super Hero Team".  They were parked next to us at the start line and we couldn't resist asking for a photo with them.  Our team uniforms were hot pink and black... not nearly so interesting (but probably more comfortable).  The energy was contagious!

Here's me "running".  Ok, I admit this photo is totally posed.  We had just sent off a teammate and decided to stop and take some tough looking pics of ourselves.  I look tough... right?  BTW, this is a great photo for me to look at as I sit here 7.5 months pregnant.  Running the Red Rock is my postpartum goal.  I just have to figure out how to bring a 4 month old along...
The entire team, "Girl's Weekend: No Weenies, No Whiners" at the finish line.  The fun wasn't over however, we spent the rest of the weekend in sunny St. George (sans kids).  Ah, so relaxing.  We ate lots of food (cuz we could) and lounged by the pool.

So?  Would you consider a race like this?  Do you want to know what it takes for train for one?  What other questions/comments do you have?


angie said...

Train me Aly! We had some good times. I have not laughed that hard in a long while! We will just strap that baby boy to your body to run the redrock.

Hall of Fame said...

What does it take to run a tri? I would love to know what training you did to prepare. Redrock sounds like so much fun ... what is the cost, when do people need to sign up for such an event? I could so see you with your man-child on your back running, you are super woman!


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