A Little Beauty... Must-Have Product for Spring!

It was my birthday the other day (happy birthday to me...).  My cute friend gave me this: Soap & Glory Glow Getter Sun Powder Spray
I am in love, love, love!  A little background: I am white as can be!  I am also very pregnant and varicose and spider veins run in my family (lucky me).  Needless to say, I am not feeling really comfortable in a skirt.  Let me rephrase... skirts are very comfy when I am sooo pregnant but my legs are swollen and vein-ridden... bad combo.  Enter Glow Getter!
It's not a self-tanner, which I am not willing to do being pregnant.  It is "Sun Powder Spray" for your face and body.  Glow Getter is just perfect for those times when you need a kiss of sun but don't have time for apply self-tanner or get a spray tan. 

NOTE: Earlier I posted that I wouldn't wear it to the pool.  Well, that was before I got in the tub with it.  I didn't come off even when I rubbed it.  I even used some bath gel on it... it stayed.  It wasn't until I used a bar of soap that it came off.  K, so now I am even more in love!
p.s. you can also pick up a bottle at Target.


Tami H. said...

I am going to get me some!

ABrooks said...

ha! it's sold out at my local target! love it!

ABrooks said...
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