A Little Music... The Canadian Tenors

I saw these guys, The Canadian Tenors, on a rerun of Oprah the other day.  I used to be a loyal Oprah watcher.  These days it's real hit and miss.  Celine Dion was on too.  I am not a Celine fan.  Anyway, I loved their rendition of Hallelujah.  I pretty much love anyone's rendition... it's one of the best songs ever!  I was singing it this morning and my daughter asked, "What song is that?"  So I found it on YouTube and played it for her.  She sat on my lap and swayed, hugging and kissing me.  It was precious.  This song stirs emotion.  Try to ignore the cheese factor of the picture below, and just love this song for how it makes you feel.  It's perfect for a Saturday morning.
Watch them perform on the Oprah Show.


Mikellcs said...

I saw that same show! Love these guys!

ABrooks said...

They are good! I have had this song stuck in my head for DAYS!


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