A Little Decorating... Small Bathroom, Big Style

Welcome to my basement bathroom.  It is a small windowless space, yet one of my favorite rooms in the house... here's why...
I absolutely love the paint (Silent Path by Kwal Howell).  It is the most relaxing and neutral gray-green.  It is easy on the eyes and kinda spa-like.  (See Courtnie's post on picking paint colors) The travertine flooring and marble accents in the shower give it a nice organic feel.  Did I mention I got the tile for an amazing deal by going to the tile showroom and picking from their leftovers?  This would only be possible in such a small space.
Since it is such a small space, I kept the vanity and the fixtures small and interesting.  Little touches like this towel rack is space-saving and kinda cool too.  The faucet is a little retro and totally adorable.  The mosaic style of the mirror goes with the marble accent tile in the shower (love).  There wasn't very much space to hang a mirror thanks to low ceilings and some awesome duct work, so again, I had to keep it small.
I kept the decor minimal, using a simple color palate and clean lines so it doesn't look cluttered.  I even choose simple glass-only gallery frames to simplify the decor further.
I kept it simple but I also added little touches.  Like this vinyl art above the light switch.  It adds just a little something.
In the shower I added a little interest by having the tile installed staggered like a subway tile (way beyond my budget).  I also keep it stocked with little guest-sized bottles of concoctions taken from hotels since this is my guest bath.

PS all the decor and art came from IKEA and cost me about $100 all together.

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