A Little Apology... Lucky Chic

Please accept my deepest apologies.  The other day I posted about a new site I came across called Lucky Chic (I have since deleted the post).  I told you that it was a little great... not so my friends, not so.  In the past couple of days I have spent several hours of my precious time, not to mention 12 bucks, on this stupid site.  I was stoked because I was seeing users getting amazing deals.  However, whenever I would bid I would end up barely loosing while someone else supposedly walked away with a killer deal.  It seemed so impossible to me that I found myself wondering if I were bidding against an evil computer program designed to rip me off (slightly dramatic)!

Here's the deal.  Basically you purchase "chips" for $0.60 each.  Each time you bid on an item it costs you one chip.  I spent over 40 chips and ended up with NOTHING.  That put me in a really bad mood and I got mad at my kids at bedtime.  So, again, sorry for leading you astray... please forgive me!


corinne said...

i have to admit it sounded too good to be true... and great deals usually end up being that... too good to be true. too bad.

Спашоп said...

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