A Little Crafty... Easy Playmat

I wish I could take credit for this brilliant idea.  But this was my mom who created this while she was watching my kids.
She simply used crayons and a sharpie to draw on a random piece of fabric.  The fabric needs to be kind of heavy.  This is some sort of canvas-like fabric.
She worked with the kids to come up with scenes that are personal to them.  My kids love riding their bikes on the trails around the lake near our house and their Grandpa loves to sail.
They drew our blue house complete with an American flag and my daughter's friends dressed up like ballerinas.
The kids like to add their own animals to the zoo.
...Complete with Disney Land...
So, grab some makers, crayons, and a big piece of fabric and go for it...

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Somer said...

That is so cute Aly.


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