A Little Perspective... The Little Things

My five-year-old took four unassisted steps a few days ago.  After waiting for four-and-a-half years for this, I stood there in awe; followed by jumping up and down and clapping (encouragement means everything to her.) First of all, not only did she walk independently, but she choose to do so. She wanted to get from point A to point B and rather than get down and crawl, she walked. It was very exciting.
We were at the park the other day, playing, swinging, sliding, running; I was doing most of the running, trying to keep my little one out of the street and in the park. Finally I made the announcement that we would leave in five minutes. In an attempt at distracting the one who couldn't run races, climb the ladder to the slide, or propel herself on the swings, I took her hand and began to walk along a path. I wasn't sure where the path would lead, but we could always turn around. I left my husband to watch the others as I took her hand and watched her feet, marveling at the strength she was gaining.  I watched, remembering a time when she couldn't raise her arms above her shoulders. A time when little muscles had grown so tight from non-use that range of motion was limited to reaching from a prone position. I was so busy looking down at little feet, that we had gone farther than intended, and realized our little walk was symbolic of our life together.  Most of my daughter's life we have spent moving along, not knowing where we are going. Sometimes getting farther than anyone thought we would. Most of the time we have no idea how far we will go or when the path will end, but we keep moving, enjoying the steps along the way. 

In reality, do any of us know what the future holds? For ourselves, our children, or those around us? Most of our days are spent just moving along not knowing where the path will go. We hope, long, pray, and dream. We imagine wonderful things ahead and plan for the things that might not go as we anticipate. But hopefully we also enjoy the steps along the way. The little moments that make each day so worth it. So tonight, while I stand at the sink and wash the dishes maybe I should enjoy the quiet of kids getting ready for bed. Or tomorrow, when I walk my littlest to preschool, I should relish the fact that he will still hold my hand. Are there things that keep you going when you aren't sure where the next turn will take you?


Jocelyn Christensen said...

That is awesome news! Since I don't know what is around the corner for me...I'm going to go do the dishes. :)

Susan said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you for letting me visit.


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