A Little Organization... A Kid's Workspace

My daughter loves the idea of her own "office".  I have my office upstairs and so she was elated when I told her that we were going to create a little office just for her.  (I love that she wants to be just like mom.)
Almost everything I used to create this little office I already had around the house.  I did purchase the little desk for $20 at IKEA.  The easel, chair, and both shelves also happen to be from IKEA.
I used the cork board to pin up her weekly homework packet and the books she is currently working on... gotta love kindergarten.
I love these magnetic containers for storage for little items, also from IKEA.  I am seeing a pattern here.
I use these little metal drawers to store little items like glue sticks and index cards, which I use to make flash cards for my little one.
What will you come up with?

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