A Little Health... Boogie Wipes!

Our family is recovering from the dreaded summer cold.  As any mom knows, the boogies seem to hang around for weeks after the cough and fever are gone.  Both my little girls are now suffering from crusty boogers and chapped noses.  But finally, a solution...Boogie Wipes!!

Boogie Wipes are the product of two moms and a little innovation.  They invented Boogie Wipes in 2007 as "a solution to our kids' runny, red noses."  They, like most moms, were tired of trying to use saline spray, bulb syringes, and harsh dry tissues.  And thus, Boogie Wipes were born. 

Boogie Wipes are infused with saline, which helps soften the boogies.  They are super soft and just slightly damp.  They also come in some fun flavors, including Great Grape, Fresh Scent, Magic Menthol, and Simply Unscented.

So, go get some!! You and your kids will not be disappointed.  They are definitely...a little great!

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