A Little Decorating... My Great Kitchen Redo!

If you are one of my neighbors you have seen my in my garage, covered in paint, nearly in tears.  I have finally finished painting my kitchen cabinets!  Are you ready to see them?
Wait!  Not yet... first let's see what my kitchen used to look like...

 Not too bad right?  Well, I just never loved it.  I never wanted to be in there.  I knew that if my kitchen were white I would love it!  So, after lots of research and inspiration I went for it.

It would have been an easy decision if my house weren't only 5 years old.  And my cabinets are a nice alder.  Some people though I was off my rocker!  What if it didn't work out?

My inspiration:
Centsational Girl: Painting Kitchen Cabinets
Starter Home to Dream Home: NO Fear Way to Paint your Kitchen Cabinets
(I even stole my wall color from her - Quiver Tan by Sherwin Williams)
Better After has lots of great painting help too
This is the best info I found to help me.  I also visited my local Sherwin Williams store and consulted a neighbor who painted his way through college.

Top Things I Learned:
1. You don't have to use oil-based paint to get a hard, professional finish.  I used an 100% acrylic paint and it is awesome.  It will cost about $50 a gallon (wait for the sale).  This was important to me because my baby was only two months old and I didn't want those fumes!
2. Prime!  Cleaning and priming is key.  I use the Sherwin Williams Adhesive Primer, which they recommended for this project and I am glad I did.  I also sanded, scrubbed, sanded, scrubbed before I primed.
3. Use a Flow-Leveling Additive.  I used X-I-M Latex Extender.  It works like a charm to get rid of brush strokes.
4. I also learned some serious patience!  There were times I wished I had never started this project and wondered if it would really be worth it.  I read on others blogs who had undertaken similar things that it was so difficult but they would do it again in a heartbeat.  I wondered if this could possibly be true.  But you know what?  It is.  I hated it while I was doing it but I love it now!
Now, the moment you have been waiting for...

I know what you are thinking... That kitchen could really use some pendant lighting.  Amen.  If I could just convince the Mister...

So?  What do you think?  Has this been on your mind?  Do you dare to do it?  Have you already done it?  I must know!


C. C. Fawson said...

Oh my GORGEOUS! Love the tiles and the new work station too. The grey on the walls is fabulous! Bravo Al.

Alysha said...

I am in love. I have always wanted white cabinets in my kitchen-so bright and cheery. I may have to copy...someday.

ABrooks said...

Thanks Girls! xoxo

Sue said...


You did a beautiful job, and although tedious and time consuming, it has no doubt paid off for you. Now the fun part....building a solid relationship with your new love....your new bright and classy kitchen!
I can imagine sitting at the island sipping on a glass of vino and chatting for a whole evening with you.


EmTea Designs said...

I'll be doing this in about a month at home if it all goes to plan! Hopefully mine looks half as beautiful as yours! :)

Anna See said...

Oh my goodness! I am in LOVE with your kitchen. Dying to do it myself some day. My cabinets are a very expensive birch, but you have convinced me it's OKAY to paint them. :)

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

Just saw your kitchen featured on Better After and hopped on over to your blog. I thought it looked pretty nice before, but the after is amazing! That white really brightens everything up. I can only imagine how much patience that must have taken, but the pay-off is worth it! White paint is a beautiful thing. :)

Leslie's Day said...

I am visiting from Better After and I love your before and after:) but I am a sucka for dark wood cabinets if the home has plenty of natural light. I am working on painting my kitchen cabs right now also! (I have the awful 90's honey oak, eek) I am loving the SW primer and paint and am using latex as well, b/c oil based scares me:)

Nice Job!

Liz said...

Oh it looks so nice! I painted my kitchen cabinets about a year ago (among a few other kitchen changes), and I still love every single freaking minute I spent frustrated painting and sanding. You can see before and after here: http://justabouthome.wordpress.com/2009/08/24/kitchen-after/

So hard and so worth it. Enjoy your new kitchen!!

Ray* said...

You made a good decision to paint your cabinets - it looks great!! I also painted my kitchen cabinets and it's one on my favorite before and afters I've completed.

Ray* said...

You made a good decision to paint your cabinets - it looks great!! I also painted my kitchen cabinets and it's one on my favorite before and afters I've completed.

Nickie said...

What is the name of your grey that you painted the walls?


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