A Little Holiday Cheer... Oh Sweet Sadie

Are you in the holiday shopping mood?  Well, this will get you there!  The Oh Sweet Sadie Art & Gift Show is going now... just until Saturday.  (How to get there)

Here is a peek at the shopping goodness...
 Mama Bird pendants.  An egg for each of your little ones.
 Wish my daughter was little enough to wear these darling lace pantaloons.  :(
 So many jewelry options.
 I bought this teal cardigan (only $25!)
 Home decor galore!
 Wish I needed a lamp!  The big orange one is only $35.
Jewelry made from real butterfly wings!  Seriously cool.
These are just cute.

Here are my favorite booths...
 Loved this one!  Lizzy, the cute lady you see gave me her card so I could link to her etsy shop but now I can't find it!  So Lizzy, if you're reading this, leave a comment with your shop link!
Cute stuff.
 You are sure to find lots of happy shoppers...

...including myself.  Love this purple fringy scarf I picked up ($16 BTW).  Aren't I the best photographer ever?

Don't forget the yummy treats.  This is pretty much the best salsa ever!

So, don't just sit there!  Go!  You can thank me later.

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