A Little Perspective... Learning from the Bachelor

by Aly
Photo: LA Times
 I watch The Bachelor.  There, I said it.  I have watched it for years.  It feels good to get that off my chest.  I watched it on Monday when Jake (who, I think, is a total dork) proposed to Vienna.  Here's the thing... I actually learned something from watching The Bachelor.  I know, hard to believe, right?  I actually gained some perspective.  I realized, again, that am really very blessed; blessed to not be on The Bachelor!
 As I watch those people and listen to their drama, I look over at my husband on the other couch (we each have to have our own couch) and I am thankful.  When I hear those women talk about what a good man is, how a good man is so hard to find, how they have been hurt and cheated on over and over, I am relieved and thankful to be in my shoes, and not theirs.  Although, some of them have some pretty fantastic shoes, they don't have what I have.  A husband who is loyal and good.  Amazing children.  A home where I know I am always loved.  And I'm glad it's not me on National television in a ball gown crying about how I want a husband (give me a break).  I am more than happy to settle for my Target PJs laying (seven months pregnant) on the couch adjacent to my adorable husband.  I'd rather play, "guess which hand" with my three-year-old than mud wrestle in St. Lucia... wait, that I might actually consider.  As long as my cute husband is the one I'm wrestling.


Martababe said...

Love this post. I see others and think "wow, I'm so lucky!" I have a wonderful husband that is kind and a wonderful father. Each of my children are a blessing and keep me on my toes. My love for my husband and children grow each day. I may not be traveling the world or have famous friends, but I wouldn't trade my life for anything!! I guess we can learn something from TV :)

izztelford said...

Such an awesome post! I totally agree with you... I LOVE my life, my husband & baby & wouldn't change it for the WORLD.


Tami H. said...

You are so cute Aly! I love this post!


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