A Little Best Thing Ever... Snowcones

There is a bounty of new snow outside today!  What to do?  You could head down to the sledding hill (brrr).  Or you could pretend you're in the tropics and stay inside!
Start with a bowl of fresh snow.

Add flavoring syrup.  You can find it in the coffee isle of the grocery store.
 Add a little heavy cream (you'll be glad you did).
So fun and delicious!  Even our husbands, who thought we were crazy, loved 'em!
Thanks to my darling friends, Tami and Jenny, who invented these with me!  You girls are the best!


Somer said...

I would sacrifice 70 degree weather to be making those with you right now.

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

Super fun! You could probably even make a yummy alcoholic version... am I bad for thinking of that right away?

Anonymous said...

I followed my 5 year old's example last night and ate snow. It was really good. Great choice of embellishments!


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